Hootie & The Blowfish

Hootie & The Blowfish finally have somebody to bully around.

Natural Vs. Make-Up

I prefer gay men without make-up.

skinny dip

Skinny Dip

Sometimes a good ole skinny dip just feels right. Go with it.

skinny dip



Sometimes you just have to grab life by the horns and put on your Capt Courageous hat.



When you’ve done something really cool – don’t rub it in everybody’s face. Then you’re just another asshole.

Dead Birds = The Apocalypse?

If dead birds are a “sign” of the “apocalypse”…

where the hell were you when Michael Jackson had a “wife”???

Less Ambitious Movie Titles

Beige Swan

Kite Club

Raiders of the Lost iPhone


Walking thru a parking lot, I witnessed one Asian woman driver yell & honk at another Asian woman driver. FILE UNDER: AWESOME

The Hearing Aid

My buddy was telling me how he might get a hearing aid. I told him he should get a second opinion. He responded “Huh?“.

The Bachelor

I dvr The Bachelor… but only to watch the final 5mins. I’m a sucker for bitter women with mascara running down their face.