I went snowboarding this weekend and the next day my legs hurt like heck. My muscles were very tight and I actually had a muscle spasm while sitting in the car. They are the worst. I remember having one while I was paddling out to surf when I was a teenager. I started freaking out in the water, trying to straighten my leg to make the pain go away. Everyone surfing in the line-up thought I was being attacked by a shark and freaked out. Anyways, I got off track… so after I had the muscles spasm in the car, my friend enlightens me by telling me that I need to eat more bananas. The potassium in the bananas helps fight muscles tightening (hence… muscles spasms happen less frequently). It got me thinking… If I ever go to the zoo and witness a gorilla having a muscle spasm, I promise to hunt down the zoo trainer and beat him senseless.